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    Feine Rillenstruktur.
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    Individuelles Design.
    Geradlinig und

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    Dezent. Funktional.
    Der Griff für
    die grifflose

AR4 - Unique Design. Straightforward and timeless


Straightforward and timeless. The new length-independent bar handle made of solid aluminium with a diameter of 14 mm and a highquality aluminium surface, which is available in a polished or matt anodised surface. The characteristic curve of the base determines the shape of the rod end and thus forms a beautifully shaped unit.



PR4 - Exceptional contrasts and plenty of scope

The length-independent, horizontally grooved steel bar handle with an outside diameter of 14 mm. The railing handle with overhang and fine grooved structure creates an extraordinary surface contrast that offers plenty of scope for furniture and kitchen design.

G047 - Unobtrusive. Discreet. Functional.

The handle for the handleless kitchen. The most popular aluminium profile handle in the German kitchen industry can be offered by D-Beschlag as one of the few manufacturers with the rating „Made in Germany“.

In addition to the elegant anodised shades, powder-coated colours are now also available analogous to the front colour. This makes the handle strip almost invisible and the purist design of the handleless kitchen can take effect.

New possibilities in Luckenwalde

D-Beschlag GmbH, one of Europs leading manufacturers of design handles for the kitchen and funiture industry expands production capacity for aluminium design handles. More than 750.000 EUR have been invested in new machinery only in 2018 - more to follow in 2019 and 2020 - target is to double the output of the factory.